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RSW:  Introduction to Digital Research II (iDLR II)

RSW: Introduction to Digital Research II (iDLR II)

RSW:  Introduction to Digital Research II (iDLR II) is an interactive RSW that puts you in the shoes of a criminal defense attorney who may or may not have a problem.  How do you take a bunch of facts and boil them down into a researchable legal issue?  Once you have your legal issue, how do you use Lexis Advance to find the answer?

Note:  The procedures you will learn in iDLR II also apply to Westlaw & Bloomberg Law.

         Please be sure to bring your Lexis Advance sign-on info. to class.

(RSW:  iDLR II is 75 minutes in length and is a Legal Practice II course requirement.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
6:00pm - 7:15pm
L203 (Mendik Library - L2 Floor)
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